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June 24, 2017

Woman kicked out of pool for wearing "inappropriate" one-piece bathing suit

"This is how rape culture continues to grow," the woman's fiancée wrote in a viral Facebook post.

What Melania Trump wore her 22nd week as first lady — the week she appeared nearly every day

Looks like the move to the White House has changed Melania Trump's reputation as an invisible first lady.

Jennifer Lopez wants you to know that this pic of her flawless abs is not airbrushed, thanks very much

Thanks for asking, but no, that's really what Jennifer Lopez looks like.

The radical power of Wonder Woman's thigh jiggle

A seemingly obvious physical reaction has set the internet aflame.

In case you ever doubted it, being an unsigned model is hard as hell

'Mic' spoke to a number of unsigned models to find out how they manage it all.
April 17, 2017

Seven unexpected things yoga does to your body

This beauty brand is empowering women every morning with positive affirmations

RealHer wants to make women's morning routines about feeling good, as opposed to feeling pressure to "look good."

Boys show up to school in skirts after shorts not allowed in summer weather

On Thursday, many boys showed up in the skirts to prove a point about the dress code.

Miss Eaves' 'Thunder Thighs' is here to celebrate big thighs in the summer

"We are both intersectional feminists and we want our art to reflect our politics."

Bury me in Rihanna's new Manolo Blahnik shoe collection

Many of the shoes feature a lucite heel, and that's fine by me.
June 6, 2017

This teen made a meme to remind black children that their features are beautiful. Now it's viral.

"I wanted people to be aware that black children grow up living in a world where the media and society constantly reminds them that black beauty isn't beautiful."

The surprisingly unisex history of the thong

You'll be pleased to do know that thongs were originally worn by men.

After getting sent home from work for wearing shorts, this guy came back in a pink dress to make a point

"What looks better?" he asked his followers on Twitter.

High-end fashion brand responds after getting called out for co-opting the Black Lives Matter message

"Every Color Matters," one of their sweaters read.

Why are the Kardashian-Jenners so obsessed with light pinkish-beige?

It's everywhere — from their campaigns to their clothes.
June 8, 2017

Science confirms: Plus-size representation helps improve women's psychological health

When viewing images of plus-size models, women tended to not compare themselves as much.

Mattel wanted to create a more diverse Ken doll. But for Twitter, the man bun was a step too far.

Ken's just trying to live his life, guys.

Barbie's Ken finally gets the body-positive, inclusive makeover he's long-deserved

Ken dolls now have three body types and an array of hairstyles, like the man bun and cornrows.

Resistance took center stage at the Dolce & Gabbana runway show as one model made a surprise protest

The Atlanta musician Raury revealed the words "Protest" and "I am not your scapegoat" written on his chest after the show.

Kim Kardashian responds to blackface allegations: "We saw the problem, and we adapted"

In a new interview with the 'New York Times,' Kim Kardashian West revealed what really happened.